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Nightly Intruder


Michelle kept still, hand still visible. “Yes” she admit. Maybe she’d change the plan, but it depended on Alixon’s reaction. Not knowing how dangerous it was in here, she’d be glad to keep Damien out of it as long as possible. “Don’t tell me you keep him here?” she asked with a slight frown. What to think of that woman …

The planks she walked on were safe to carry her weight. Michelle tried to remember exactly how she walked into that mess, wondering if she could recreate the way back.

"Yeeeah.." Alixon hummed sinisterly amused creasing her fingers under her chin. "What if I was.." Eyes lowering to the strangers feet who now didn’t move over the feeble floor, pff, boring. She missing a fun play out. Tho her itchy eyes and nose were still runing.

"What would you do about it? You can barely move…"
Pinks leveled challenging up again. Michelle would not get anything from her until she gave up who she was. So she asked again.
"Who are you?… You look like a burgle ally cat."



Last night I had an idea, and I’ll be needing voice actresses for the next Eriu/Mora animation. I have no storyboard yet, not even a script done (as I barely came up with it yesterday, pft), I’ll be posting them later.

If you’d like to do the voice acting for this project, email me at You can attach some examples of your voice acting, if you please. I’d love to hear it.

For those who’d like to try, below I include a short description of what I’ll be needing.

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I’m taking my time with picking the actors, you can still audition for this project :D


Nightly Intruder



Leaving the shed were the hidden elevator lead in middle of the garden Alixon found the intruder in a soon 7 minutes knowing the surrounding well taking no mind to hide Al steps out from the bushes slightly 7 minutes after her walk throe the jungle. Nothing to fear, not liking what she saw, kill her.

Calling for Bruce tho Alixon didn’t approach further as puzzled stopping and look the stranger over again, hadn’t the bat mention something about a cat lady like this..? Frown, ears standing up attention went alert.
"Theres no Bruce here..
Who are you stepping onto my land? Its not open or safe for the public.” She called over. Visibly the aroma from plants around had taken its meant effect. Not helping it Al grins. Calming… Her footing unstable over the molded floor created for visitors not to harm the growth while it still were tours.

Michelle didn’t dare to move much, not trusting the floor. She was just considering to call for Damien as she saw Alixon appear a distance away from her. What was … that? 

"I noticed!" Michelle called with a slightly clogged nose. The stranger didn’t attack her yet, so that was something. Her eyes were tearing, so in addition to the dark, it wasn’t too easy to make herself a good picture. She held up the radar for the womn to see, the device enlightened and showing the spot.

"See me as … pest control? I’m just looking for a mouse. Huge thing, 5 feet at least. Wings, dark grey … " She peeked on the radar again. The spot was still not moving. Was he unconscious? Sleeping? " - You won’t want it here. You let me find it, I’ll be gone in a sec?"

She acted calm, but was on alert. She couldn’t count on Bruce like she hoped to … Turning a bit, she reached for her pocket, trying to send the message to Damien after all. Better have some backup.

"You will be surprised what I want and don’t want here.."
She answers darkly the stranger not giving up her name. Frail planks creaking under the womens weight Alixon stayed place in the start of the overgrown trail watching ally cat behavior while explaining herself. Hell… This one was blind and could barely move without ending up in a dirt pit under the floor. Also, showing the radar things cleared up how she found this place.
Blinks, clear throat and make a low chuckle.
"Can see you have your reasons but without an invitation a stranger can’t enter here. And I be the one deciding who I see you." She bit of. No doubt about it, this women knew batty and what was she reaching for in her pockets? Lids slims. Weapons?. Making miss blues protective shields go up. Calm… Calm..

"Your looking for Bruce..?" Straight to the point.

Nightly Intruder


The door was locked. Well … Michelle looked up, considering. Maybe he squeezed himself through one of the windows higher up, was all. Now, would she follow his path? Nah, the glass won’t give much hold now that it was wet, the water dripping down from it. With a sigh, she shifted the backpack she wore to her front, and took some tools out of it, going to open the door. She was very aware that she caused some silent alarm, but in the middle of nowhere like here, ot would take the owner quite a while to get out and take a look. Much time to take a look around and close the door again once they left. False alarms. Happened.

And when the place had some higher security despite seeming abandoned… she’d like to have a word with the owner anyway, so wouldn’t mind to cause attention. Soon the lock clicked open and Michelle got inside, wet from the rain. She closed the door behind her, if just for appearance, and took some steps forward while peeking at the radar. No movement. The place was dark, but it was bad to do a thing about that when Bruce was close. Michelle blinked, feeling some kind of allergic reaction, as she guessed. Better get out fast, after all. “Bruce, come here!” she called, knowing he’d hear her well from that distance. Urgh, that stuff was really no fun. She took a cloth and covered her mouth and nose with it, just breathing when she really had to - when the floor began to give in. Hideout, indeed.

Leaving the shed were the hidden elevator lead in middle of the garden Alixon found the intruder in a soon 7 minutes knowing the surrounding well. Taking no mind to hide, why? this was her space! Stepping out from the bushes after her walk throe the jungle. Nothing to fear, not liking what she see, kill her…

Calling for Bruce tho Alixon didn’t approach further as puzzled stopping and look the stranger over again, hadn’t the bat mention something about a cat lady like this..? Frown, ears standing up attention went alert.
"Theres no Bruce here..
Who are you stepping onto my land? Its not open or safe for the public.” She called over. Visibly the aroma from plants around had taken its meant effect. Not helping it Al grins. Calming… Her footing unstable over the molded floor created for visitors not to harm the growth while it still were tours.

Nightly Intruder


Michelle gave Bruce an exact time to steal the Metronite, and an exact time to return it to her. In disguise as Roxanne Ritchi, she was one of the first to hear about the news - a theft on the exact jewellry shop. So far no surprise, and nothing out of the ordinary - a couple of explosions, property damage and lots of stolen goods. Nothing anybody worried about - no one but Michelle. because that didn’t sound like Bruce, that didnt sound like Bruce at all.

Something had gone wrong.

Knowing she’d have to write another article for the Metro City Sentinel, Michelle stayed late at the office that night. Keeping her role by, she wrote the article, then made a small detour up to the roof in order to smoke … and waited.

11pm came … and 11pm passed. No flying mouse in sight.

There weren’t many things that caused any kind of emotion in the cat burglar, but … this was something worrysome. Bruce was predictable. When he wasn’t here, on the exact time she told him to be, something else went wrong, and considering Metronite was in the game… there was not much of a choice. She’d have to investigate a bit. She threw the cigarette over the rooftop - she didn’t even smoke.

Arriving in her white empty apartment, she checked the little device Nica build her years ago. It wasn’t working as neatlessly as it used to, but right now, it proved to be useful. The small transmitter in form of a cat head Damien placed on Bruce phone gave Bruce’ location away. Outside the city’s borders? Michelle frowned and shook the invention a couple of times, checking twice, but the point didn’t move and the others were right. There was just nothing worth mentioning close, just green and an abandoned greenhouse. Maybe it was some kind of hideout, but that was a long shot …

An if it was one, it was a poor one, she found, once she arrived at the scene. The driver of the taxi she used was suspicious to drive out here at this time of the night, she could tell, but she couldn’t risk to put on a new disguise right away, not after she spend days as Roxanne, the reporter. This was a thing she had to do as herself.

The huge greenhouse looked spooky under the veil of the night. It looked abandoned, but the radar still said that Bruce must be in there and the trees she could see through the opened windows looked pretty much alive. Maybe he didn’t get abducted, but actually hid here? Michelle frowned and approached, knowing he never locked the doors. Let’s see…

Carrying her bag with tools loosely around one shoulder, she stepped right towards the main entrance, not bothering with finding other entries right now. She was all herself, or as close as she could get, wearing short black hair, dark, tight clothes, fake cat ears and mime makeup to hide her features. Of course, it started raining some minutes ago, so the make-up may suffer a bit, but she didn’t care for now.

Crick crick, crick crick!!

"" Dwelling on the sofa of her hideout far beneath the greenhouse Alixon the explosive existence pulled irking down the newspaper from her face to the sound of the alarm having her ears fold to conceal the noise, but… She shouldn’t ignore it, what if it wasn’t a stupid deer this time?
Grunting she open her pink eyes, lazily moved from the couch going around the table and switching on the screen of her computer who dozed of about the same time as her, the meet up with Bruce more exhausting then blowing up buildings. Drama… Mental sigh.

Looking over the security cameras of her system. Huh?

What she found had her stay by the screen yet a couple seconds.
Eyes narrowing and grip the corner of the screen leaning in.
No… not an animal. What was that? it had ears. Ooh, well fuck. It looked like on of those loons from the city. She didn’t recognize this one tho. Apart from that fairy figure non had dared come here before.

Already in her villain outfit Alixon picked her belt from the counter of the kitchen connected with the living room as she went over to the elevator, no hurry. The booby traps should keep the intruder occupied starting with the weak molded floor around the entrance and plants making your eyes and nose tear up well inside without serum…
And the place was big.

Date me baby




“Its a deal then. No teasing and I will be so sweet with you that you would have to be on diet.” He joked, smiling charmingly at her. Looking how her blue full lips removed the ice cream away from his spoon. He took it like an indirect kiss. Without fill it again he took it to his mouth. Mostly to taste what she left. enjoy her flavor and have a little more of contact without freak out any old lady or virgin couple that was practically around them.

The djinn lifted a hand and called the waitress, making a signal for the check. Pay and take her away from there. He wants to be alone with Alixon, more than anything he needs her. hug her, touch her, kiss her, smell the perfume of her skin and play with her hair. And he can do none of these if he was trapped between these humans. pieces of meat without brain. The waitress arrived with the check for him to pay. nothing more than $2500 dollars in food, desserts and expensive wine. Drago left the ticket on the table, slided a hand inside his pocket and placed …yeah, a credit card over it. to not call the attention with gems and gold. he found it more practic.  The young woman took the credit card and the ticket before walk away. meanwhile the djinn stared at Alixon and waited to sign it and leave.

"Can you manage that?" She responded gently, tickled by the ide, didn’t mind Dragos teasing side all the time, it was stress reliving as well as building, keeping from it however and concentrating on… Romance got her smiling silly.

Flustered Alixon pulled her shoulders up him putting the spoon in his own mouth right after giving her of his ice cream. Oh. “….” Tilt her head.
That was…..rather frustrating and erotic. Clear throat. Djinn paying the bill fun to revive Alixon happily keept eat of the rest of her yogurt until surprise blinked with last treat halfway into her mouth, he used a card???. Blinking she spun around in her stool the waitress walking away. “That was different…” Turn back with narrow gaze, spoon in mouth wiggling between her teeth.
"…. Suppose its no meaning to ask were you got the card?"
She asked grinning low. “…Ever run from the bill??”

Drago grinned, he was sure that Alixon will notice his card, and she did. And he was expecting more questions. “well!. You get lots of information when you move between mortals wearing a mask.” He muttered raising both eyebrows and smiling cocky. The card was coming from his magic, nothing that he can’t trick too. Money coming from an account that doesnt exist and is never empty. “Details are details but if you like my new toy I can make one for you” He thought in this too. alixon never asked anything to him and she loved move an buy things by her own, according to her personal taste. why not give her a tool to commit that.

The waitress came back and returned the car, politely saying goodbye and good night to the costumers like is usual. “Drago did not pay much attention. But stood up, not before save his card again, to possibly make it vanish inside his pocket.
"We can go now and I will show you the last place of the night. You can attack me with more questions there." He added winking at Alixon and extending his hand to hold hers.

Curve a low curious smile him winking.
“Mmmm. I hate it if you owe something I don’t…” Leaving the cutlery on the table Alixon still keeping Drago under her watchful eye stand up with support of his hand, the waitress a background noises and clutch there ringed fingers tighter in the walk skip toward the exit were she snug him closer hugging his arm. Ears flapping happily. Why not? Pampering went in hand with romance and she had..Aaalmost got used to it. The attention was sweet and she would willingly give it back during this date. Laughs.
"Don’t expect me to be silent baby… From what I heard you didn’t know the least were we should go until just now during the food.

You catch my attention.”

Snow falling over Metro Citys




Max had his eyes stuck on the ‘ghost meter’ as he called the device that would detect the disturbances and excess of ectoplasma. He was just not paying attention where he was going. And as a result bumped into someone.

"Ugh, sorry!" he raised his head apologizing and tried to avoid the person. 

After all his paycheck was at stake.

What a sad coincidence, Alixon just coming out of the dark alley covering up her blood stained villain outfit under the long leather trench coat, wishing to get home without catching attention to herself, when end up getting crashed into by a blind moron!
Her first response to mutter something like, no problem.. and be on her way when spotting the blue kid had catch blood from her victim onto his shoulder from her. Narrow glare.
"One moment."

Max was unaware of the stain on his shoulder, eyes fixed on the device in his hands.

So he raised his head quite confused when that… woman? called him back.

"Yes? What is it?" Was there suddenly a problem? 

Lucky~ he hadn’t noticed. Reaching out after the confused strangers shoulder over the bloody spot the blue women make the pad burst into flames, destroying the evidence as innocently taking a couple steps back again with enlarging eyes.
"Your on fire…" Faint mumble didn’t mirror the mental smirking who she enjoyed, truely, others mess more attributed to empower her nowadays.

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