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Faking evil BADLY



Drago moved his lips apart to give her change to speak, cleaning the corner of her mouth with his thumb. “it’s ok, you will feel better soon.”  He added to silence her, using his fingerto brush her hair back. Nowmore calm that she had the medicine in her system.

He denied with the head and gave her a sweet expression. he catched the other guy’s voice and turned tosee him, looking how pi trying to avoid him to escape.

"Move another muscle and it will be the last one." Drago said calm between joke and reality. "You came to my house and bring my woman hurt …"

Stupid tiger! How was he supposed to go when this big - stupid - cat - kept - blocking - his - way!? Bruce was about to growl at Pi, one wing already unfolding in threat, when he was spoken to and … froze. Damn. They were done making out. And thank goodness. They were done making out.

He didn’t really dare to turn his head to look at Drago directly, but with his wing half-open he didn’t really need that to know he looked at him. “… so?” That was, like, kind of a good thnig? “She is alive and home. NOT frozen to death out there.” Deciding he wouldn’t take that after all, he pointed at the window, the storm still throwing snow against it. “I don’t feel any sorry.”

"… sorry" he added anyway, trying to stay polite and to not get strangled again.

"Of course, when your the one taking care of me..yes.." She whispered, smiling and kissing his knuckles. Expression softening and she relaxed, the small sweet graces over her skin wonderful seaming like they would worked more against her fever then the medicine now fighting her virus, safe~

Narrowing her eyes open accusingly however the boy’s seaming to go into a fight mode again, she would not really tell. Wrinkling her nose in blunt confusion Alixon hummed half asleep while pulling one of the warm blankets over her leg’s, still in her winter wears.
"Would you two…" Faint cough." Behave…
You-your not going out in the cold until you got yourself something warm to drink bat face…As gratitude…”

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Breaking some rules


"Ok…too much information…Are you telling me that this is the office of his ….something’" she asked not sure about if hear the answer was the best….

"I know the owner. it would be too dumb of mee not have the adress of the man more powerful in Drake industries. I’m here because i know his history. and this is why i told you to be careful. He is a brain……but never will be a machine like I am…" she said it like if for the first time was proud of it…

the fembot scanned all the room and yes. the guy has sensors and crap in every corner of the room but she was sure that he wasnt fool enough to hide the best in his own office. 

She smirk and knock lightly against the name sign who stood by the frame, Harrison Drake, had Alixon snicker low feeling good about blasting the poor mans door even more now.
"Maybe not his main office, but it’s his room." She answered, going around and kicking back in the office seat a bit, feeling in if it was something special or not, quickly deciding, not. Little to fancy.
"I know him to and despise him~" She hum now noticing how proud Pandy acted about being a machine if just a moment, grin, nice.
"But surely I dont have the same information as you." She pampered. "And I did absolutely not know he would be the one to have my key…" Looks around as if she would see the danger standing around mearly with her eye’s.
Can’t feel the key’s presence tho..”

(Source: the-explosive-existence)

Take a drink with me




"Alright, come on."

Bee hadn’t been in a bar since he had started abusing the other drug. Mainly cause it had been a way to cope with the pain and it had introduced him to Green Emerald. Gotta try to act normal. He swallowed. He could always just order a soda. He started walking in the direction he had mentioned.

Following up on his steps Alixon soon got up beside Bee elated going  to a place yet to visit in this compact city, still felt new to it even as she lived there a year now. “As long as you still know the way~”
Looking over to Bee again she noted how tense his expression was and that got her to other toughs from the teasing.
"Hey, what were you really doing all these time away anyway?" Curious and talking.

He sighed.

"I went to see my mom’s grave. And see my dad. And when my dad heard I became an addict he had me stay out there. Talked with me. Worked with me. Helped me get right with myself."

He walked slow.

Browns raised and crack a smirk. huh?
"Your old man sounds greatly stubborn…" She mumbled, scratching the back of her neck looking to the side, slightly envious, wishing she had had that kind of parent herself, sigh and slowly glancing back to the red man walking beside her.
He didn’t allow you to leave the house at all?”

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