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Breaking some rules


"Are you serious!!" She said with a pout on her lips while moved towards her friend to catch the camera. "Give me that! Or you will see!!" A slight smile came to her lips. She was amused, not expecting this move coming from Alixon but also kinda worried to se eher picture in any other public place. "That’s evidence that we were here! delete it!!" 

Taking snap shot after snap shot with her cellphone Pandora coming closer, getting that surprised face, the grin, to ..frustration. So many emotions! Alixon cackled leaning back over the office seat, avoiding until blocked by the other arm rest pressing her lower back. holding the phone to her chest in a gesture of preciousness knowing Pan would only use her awsome arms to make them longer if she held it away, curving her browns up and victimizing herself. Puppy eye’s.
"You want to destroy a masterpiece like this cause of such a reason!
Were villains, we waaant to get attention.
Were is my rights to my photo art? I demand my rights! Nooo photos I have of you, noooothing” Whining was less effective with that big toothy glee on her mouth.

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Lake Challenge


"Friend - Arch-enemy" he corrected, lifting his wings with the alligators clinging on him to prove his point. "Try to make a new good first impression then" Bruce suggested, tone calm.

"Would you please - ?" he asked the fish, who, in reply just looked at him, turning her body slightly, one eye growing big as in: ‘And WHAT do I get for it?’

" - I’ll lift you up again."

"Aaaand - ?"

”- and I’ll lift you up again” Bruce emphasised, blinking.

The fish smiled, victorious, and the alligators let go, falling down on the sand one after another. 

"good one?
Fireworks was not a good enough for her?
She reacts better to good?” Watching Bruce come lose from the wild mini shark alligators of doom Alixon scratched her chin, waiting out until the beast was of from the bat before she with a soft perky smirk looked down on the laying on the side Nica, acting sweet(creepy for the occasion) and said. “Okey, fine then.”

Leaning down.

"Name’s Alixon, such a pleasure to meet you again, forgetful Nica~" Poking on the fish small robo body she aaaalmost made her go up and down.

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bruce-the-gerbil-batman asked:

[TXT] She started it.



[TXT] Who started what Puff ball?

Ouch did not even cover it. Hands on his ears, Bruce’ eyes widened at the sudden noise and pain. His wings tucked in immediately, his echolocation not working anyway with the loud noise coming from Alixon’s place.

And so he was falling to his death.

Damn Sandman.

Well, the good news was, he managed to land on his feet. The bad news? On top of a car, crashing it. The car alarm wasn’t really helping Bruce to … relax, but drowned out at least enough from the terrible noise from above. Bruce jumped from the car and looked up, finding himself in the middle of downtown… on the ground… Smiling nervously at some bypassers, the batman scooted towards the building, beathing fast as he pressed himself against its side. Humans. people. All around…

What was he supposed to do now - 

Sneaking along the building in order to get away from all that noise, he suddenly bumped against something. Stairs? Leasing to a … door? He … saw that in movies … There was this other way to enter a building that didn’t include climbing through windows… right …


"Can I help you sir?"
A deep man’s voice came up behind Bruce, a port guard, tall, Jamaican, brown eye’s, short black curly hair and dressed in a blue suit, a name tag on his chest spelling. Joffry. Approached the batman with a friendly smile, Bruce had moved so close to the wall the man had not noticed him until standing there ringing one of the many bells with the residences written out, looking lost to say the least and like any good man he had to see so everything was alright, work wise and on his own behalf, quiet used to odd particular looking creatures by now.

Lake Challenge


"Oh, I feel fantastic" Nica replied, still too happy than to take that bait. She turned around so she was swimming upwards again, though her tipped suit … yeah … she should do something about that… but not yet. She looked up at the blue woman.

"Who are you?" she asked, not remembering their last encounter. But she liked her - she seemed to be very amusing and also left the bat to die and get eaten by the alligators. Nica smiled wide, looking up at Alixon, when the dying whale noises from Bruce distracted her again.

"Ahw." Looking at the alligators, the light on top of her suit lit up twice, just like her esca, to attract them again. The sun had set, so the signal caught their attention easily,

Which meant that they looked at her. Not that they let go of Bruce.

"Hey, Nica." Bruce raised his hand and wiggled his fingers in greeting, stepping closer with the alligators still sticking on him. 

"Sure you do." Alixon cackled, grinning, she would so see these two hang around as one, Bruce was… kinder, but they had that untroubled mood about themselfe’s even when teased, was great, no drama.

Maybe she should have waited with scale the great little fish tho.

And she forgot about her!!!
Sigh and roll her eye’s.
The rude fish…. Not moving her grin however who twitched in the corner.
"If I tell you that, will you remember it this time so I don’t need to introduce myself ag-" Blink.
Turning around a litter worried hearing Bruce sound like that, but… no, the bat giving his powers he should handle himself.More annoyed now.

"Bruce, your friend don’t remember me!" She shouted in complaint while pointing on Nica.

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