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His shoulders shifted in a light shrug, his smile crooked. “I wanted to keep something of the original. The fire pit was always..important.” Something in his eyes softened a bit at a memory, but in a moment, he blinked and it was gone. Looking back at her, he smiled and accepted the jacket back.

"Exactly." He agreed, pleased with her description. It was the heart of his home. Moving forward, he draped the leather garment over the back of the couch. "You sit, I’ll start the fire." 

Without waiting for her response, he climbed down into the small stone space next to the inset pit, and started to pull out chopped wood from a discrete storage area.

"Sure, dont mind If I do"
Knight did as told not complaining with taking up the sofa while Elias vanished down to get supplies but not before unzipping her dripping jacket and hanging it beside Elias, her socks soon accompanying them with her boots sloppy thrown beside so she should crawl the feet up with her, leaving the tank top and jeans on. Brushing her arms tho the blond realized it would get to cold without it all and quickly peeked around toward the bed searching for a comfy rug or something.
Can I take the blanket from your bed while my things dry off?” She called down to him.

Stacking sticks of kindling in the pit, Elias got a small fire started and began to work it into a large flame, adding logs after a minute. When he got a decent sized blaze going in the pit, he climbed back out. Looking up at her as he got back to his feet on the wood floor, he nodded, grinning a little. “Sure, if you prefer.” The couch was draped with a large yak hide, but as warm as the yak hair was, he wasn’t sure if she might prefer something else.

As he stood, he moved around to the far side of the pit, gathering up the wet clothing as he went, and reaching up to pull down an iron bar that was suspended from the ceiling beams. Draping the dripping clothes over the bar, he pulled off his own soaked t-shirt and added it to the line up before positioning the bar near the pit to let the clothing dry in the heat. 

Unacknowledged around furr and Knights objective not to freeze she glared at Elias. Having fun on her expense again was he?
Chuckle. Let him!

"I prefer." She mimicked divert. The room delicately warmer when he got the fire going, tho she still walked over picking the hide up, not without brush fingers over it first, quiet beautiful as it were. Turning back on the other hand eye widen spotting this.. More interesting scene. Blazing light hitting Elias bare muscular back.

"Your right,.. Suddenly its very hot in here. God job with the fire." She get out husky, tilting her face down.
"Umm" Cough, forcing her subject proper, tone softening.
"….-What, type of furr is this???"


Just checking in and posting all the stuff that don’t take long before going of to bed! Weekend been all about hanging with my family (theatre,lunching,playing games,you know) and the time I got over was with friends momentarily in town.
So…NOPE, freetime was stolen even if it waaaaas kinda fun.
Tho I missed my basement,rp,art and you… l9

So, hoping, TOMORROW!
Niiiiiight~<3 <zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ

tagging people


Tagged by this lovely women Koda

Your favorite past time?
Dreaming~ I got good at it~

What makes you angry?

When others act like your not worth anything because your different.

If you could make 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
Super powers. (own picks)
Getting enough money to never worried about it in the future.
And…haha, this is a cliché… Get world piece? common, we should had learned this by now!

If you could punch anyone in the face who would it be?
I already slapped one of my friends and it hurt my hand! But… having to pick one…
Slow motion punch Koda? =D (then she be here!! wooh!)

Your done, what will you do now?

Tagging: zolah (because she be pleased >D)

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